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Areas of Practice

The primary focus of our office is Elder Law, which covers a broad spectrum of services, including but not limited to probate, estate planning, vulnerable adult protection actions, guardianship issues, and other general needs of an aging population. Discussing planning and end of life issues can be difficult, but we strive to conduct these matters in a professional, friendly, and comforting manner. 



The probate process can be a difficult time for family members. We provide step-by-step assistance throughout and have experience handling estates that range from very simple to very complex. Our goal is to reduce any stress you may be experiencing while completing the probate administration as quickly and efficiently as possible.  


Our firm assists with setting up guardianships to protect individuals with diminished capacities. We have experience in both establishing guardianships and also opposing the imposition of a guardianship where the individual does not feel one is necessary. Where possible, we seek less restrictive alternatives to guardianship. We also provide help with the ongoing court-mandated reporting requirements for Guardians and their families.  



Our approach to estate planning starts with getting to know you and your goals. Once we know what you want to accomplish, we then present different options to accomplish those objectives. Throughout the planning process we work to make each step simple and informative. We are always willing to discuss your concerns and questions as we fine tune your individual plan.  


Whether you are looking to start or sell a business or explore other options for holding assets, we can help you identify key issues to consider and assist as you select the business entity that best serves your objectives. We strive to listen and educate so that you are always the driving force throughout the decision making process.  From selecting the most advantageous business structure to crafting an operating agreement that protects and values your hard work, we will be here to advise and guide throughout the life of your business.  



Suffering a car accident or medical misadventure can destroy your savings and negatively impact your quality of life. Our office has over 25 years helping individuals like you navigate the complex legal hurdles that stand between you and becoming whole again. We work hard to set attainable goals and reach a resolution through whatever means will be most advantageous for your personal situation. Our goal is to quickly get you back on solid footing and let you move on with your life. 


We regularly guide clients through the process of selling or buying commercial and residential properties. We draft private purchase and sale agreements, easements, covenants and also work on boundary disputes and adverse possession. We strive to resolve conflicts to the benefit of our clients, without heavy handed tactics.